Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning in Sewell, NJ

Dog and cat teeth cleaning in Sewell, NJ benefits your pet far more than their teeth and gums. Dental disease can affect your pet’s overall systemic health if left untreated. With over two-thirds of cats and dogs having some form of periodontal disease by the time they are 3 years old, dental health is of primary importance. At Pet Check Urgent Care, we aim to prevent disease all together with routine dog and cat teeth cleaning at our animal hospital as well as helping you form an effective at-home dental regimen, too.
Does your pet have bad breath?
It could be a sign of dental disease.

Our Pet Dentist Services

Our veterinarians and technicians are highly skilled at performing effective and safe dental procedures. While the procedure does require general anesthesia for the safety and comfort of your pet, rest assured that we use the same safety protocols for dentals that we do for surgery.
  • To begin, we’ll perform a physical oral assessment to check for periodontal pockets and other signs of disease.
  • Once we assess your pet’s oral health, we’ll do ultrasonic and hand-scaling of your pet’s teeth to remove any built-up tartar.
  • We’ll follow scaling with polishing to smooth the enamel of each tooth to reduce future tartar build-up.
  • We may also apply fluoride treatment and/or sealants to your pet’s teeth to further protect them from plaque and tartar.
  • Finally, if any of your pet’s teeth are damaged beyond repair, we may need to perform extractions.* We’ll check with you first before we continue with the procedure. Additionally, we’ll provide your pet with pain medication to minimize their discomfort upon waking up.
*Extractions are a last resort, and we aim to never let dental disease get this far. Yet, to stick to that aim, it’s essential that we see your pet on a regular basis for routine cleanings. To lengthen time between teeth cleanings, practice daily pet dental care at home!

Pet Dental Care at Home

At home dog and cat teeth cleaning can minimize progression of dental disease and reduce the frequency of your pet’s need for professional cleanings. The single best way to combat plaque and tartar build up is brushing your pet’s teeth on a daily basis. Our skilled staff can show you ways to do this with minimal stress to your pet. However, we also recognize that not every pet will take to teeth brushing, and busy schedules don’t help, either! Luckily, there are some other options for daily dental care at home that can help prevent plaque and tartar build up. These include:
  • Dental chews
  • Dental toys
  • Oral wipes
  • Water additives
  • Prescription dental diets
Ask your vet or our staff about your dog or cat's teeth cleaning options, and we’ll help you form an actionable, effective plan for at-home care! Call today at (856) 404-9858