Our Pet Promotions in Sewell and Deptford, NJ

We offer monthly specials on select services as a thanks to our valued clients, but we also want to make sure your pets are getting the care they need. See our latest specials below and contact us if you have questions!

April Specials for Canines - Lyme Awareness Month

Our region of the country is a high-risk area for Lyme disease. Help your dog become better protected against Lyme disease and receive 10% off their Lyme vaccines and Lyme disease testing (4DX).

April Specials for Felines - Feline Health Month

Cats need regular care and vaccinations just like dogs do, but many cats don’t visit the vet as often as they should. In April, we’re offering 10% off on all feline wellness blood work packages and FeLV/FIV testing.