Do you take appointments?
No, we are a walk-in facility and for your convenience appointments are never needed.
Is there an emergency fee for my visit?
There is never an emergency visit fee. At every visit our veterinarian will provide a full examination for your animal. The office visit is $79 no matter what the visit reason.
What if my animal is too ill to be cared for at Pet Check Urgent Care?
Our state of the art facility will be able to handle most injuries and illnesses, however if your animal is too sick or injured to be cared for by us we will waive the office visit fee and refer you to a facility that can manage critically ill animals.
Do you do routine veterinary care?
Yes, we are happy to provide well visit care and vaccinations. Our facility is also equipped with state of the art X-ray and laboratory equipment.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards and cash payments only and require payment at the time service is rendered
Will I get an itemized bill for the services rendered?
At Pet Check Urgent Care we believe in transparent pricing. All fees can be discussed with the Veterinarian before the service is rendered and we are happy to provide you with an electronic copy of those services at the conclusion of your visit.
What type of animals do you treat?
We are primarily a dog and cat practice, however if you have a bird, reptile, or other family pet that needs veterinary care please feel free to call our office as the Veterinarian on duty may have experience caring for that kind of animal.
Will you provide documentation of vaccinations?
Yes, in addition to an Urgent Care practice we are a full service Veterinary practice that provides routine care.
What if my pet is prescribed a medication?
Pet Check UC has a full service veterinary Pharmacy on the premises. If we do not have the medication your pet requires we are happy to write a prescription for you to fill at your local pharmacy.
Does Pet Check Urgent Care do surgical procedures?
Yes. Pet check urgent care has the capacity to perform minor emergency procedures/surgeries on your pet such as laceration repair. We also offer spays, neuters and dental procedures for your pet on a scheduled basis.
My dog is suffering, do you provide palliative care?
At Pet Check we are committed to providing care and comfort for your animal. We provide local and general anesthesia when needed to facilitate a procedure being completed. Additionally, if you feel that your pet is suffering and it is the end of their life we will provide euthanasia for your pet and comfort you as their companion.