Permanent Identification with Pet Microchipping in Sewell and Deptford, NJ

At Pet Check Urgent Care, we recognize that pets are valued family members. When they become lost, it can be stressful trying to bring them back home. To help make their return a little easier, we offer dog and cat microchipping in Sewell and Deptford, NJ with Datamars microchips. These chips are the international standard and offer your pet permanent identification and you peace of mind.

Why Microchip Your Pet?

Almost every pet will be lost at least once in their life. A cat can escape through a door left open accidentally; a dog can dig under a gate; and so many other situations can occur! While tags and collars can be easily removed or damaged, a microchip is permanent and cannot be falsified. It is a tiny device, no larger than a grain of rice, that sits between your pet’s shoulder blades. Placing a chip is no more difficult or painful than administering a vaccine. It is completely safe and offers a permanent link between you and your pet, so wherever they end up, they’re only a phone call away.

Does the Chip Contain My Personal Contact Information?

The only information the chip emits is a unique identification code that corresponds to your contact information in an online database through PetLink. Almost every veterinarian, animal control office, shelter, and rescue has a chip-reading device, so if your pet becomes lost and is brought to one of these facilities, they’ll be able to contact PetLink, and PetLink will contact you with information regarding your pet. Register your contact information at

Ask Us About Cat & Dog Microchipping

Typically, you don’t need a separate appointment for dog and cat microchipping! Simply ask us about it at your next appointment and we can easily add it in to your visit. Additionally, our staff can help you set up your account on PetLink and register your microchip with your contact information. Be sure to keep this information up-to-date if you move, change phone numbers, or your pet is transferred to another owner. If you have any questions or concerns about dog or cat microchipping, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (856) 404-9858 for our Sewell location or (856) 302-0000 for our Deptford location!